Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good times at the Lake

Blake....looking cool
Mom and Cambri on the tube
Mom and Cambri OFF the tube!!
Mom swimming

good looking girls
lauren tube surfing

Cambri and Erica

Brynlee and Cambri
Dad driving the boat
Cambri and Brynlee
Cambri and Lauren

Mom's birthday (undisclosed age)

We threw a suprise party for Joni for her birthday at Pasta Factory. I think she was genuinely surprised. Susan made an incredible DVD that celebrated her life.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our grandkids

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Grandkids

Some of the grandkids!
(These are old pictures, but we need to put them on! They are just so cute!)This is Dallin trying to get a drink all by himself.
There was a little boy statue in the waiting of the hospital.
I (Lauren) was watch the kids while susan was in labor.
I caught this cute moment on film while we waited.

The Door was to heavy for Dallin to open.

Autumn and Dallin all dressed up for Blakes homecoming.

Lauren at EFY

I went to EFY for a week at the U of U.
Thats me, Lauren. Dead center.
That is my company.
I was lucky, everyone was really nice, and got along very well!

Thats all the boys and I in my company on the last day.

Raquel and I during lunch..

We usually decided to skip eating the box lunches.

It was chicken wraps everyday.

One day it was a green tortilla, another day it was red.

Breakfast and dinner was always good. A buffet everyday!

Those girls are my best friends. They came up with me.

Raquel (left) Lauren (middle) Jade (right)

That night we played games with everyone at Efy.

One of the games the only three left were three soccer players... It must be a sign.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cambri's Senior Picture

This is Cambri's senior picture. She will be graduating this month. Where did the time go? She wants to go to beauty school and has talked about moving to Provo. What will I do without her?